Thursday, November 26, 2009

How To Update Your Warcraft Version to 1.24b

New Version,
Personally I think it's a pain in the ass but everyone has to do it....
First of all, we'll get the program that helps you change your warcraft version.
Click here.(btw, make a tab for it)
Now, look for the big blue words that say "Switcher 1". Below it got another bunch of big blue words that say "Download Link". Below it there is a link named "MegaUpload". Click on it and download the program. While we wait for it to download, we'll go look for V1.24b.
Click here.
Find the word English, and click the link "Download [World]. Top or bottom also can. (leave it, go back)
Now, extract the warcraft version switcher from zip file. Click on the Warcraft Version Switcher folder. Click WVS, the one with the fancy icon. It will show you an error and ask you to locate your warcraft III file. Don't click your warcraft 3 folder and go in. Just click the entire folder and press ok. Exit WVS.
Now, don't extract the 1.24b zip file. Cut it and paste it in the WVS folder. Now click WVS(fancy icon) and go to store current vision. Choose 1.20 and click make zip package. Now click switch
version and switch it to 1.24b. Loading.
Now, download the latest map.
After that, go to garena and go to rooms that support 1.24b. Start game and you're done. :P

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Something to take your mind off exam...

A female student goes to the teacher's room and walks up to a male teacher. She says, "I'll do anything for you if you give me 100% marks on exam." She goes nearer to the male teacher and says, "Anything...." "Anything?", asks the male teacher. The student nods her head, positioning herself in a slutty way. The teacher whispers to her ear and says, "Will"

A student is walking home from school when he suddenly gets hit by a Mercedes. He drops to the ground screaming and bleeding. The driver comes out of the car and checks on the student. He says, " Are you okay boy?" The boy moans and says, "No...don't..." "Huh? Don't what? Let me call 911", says the driver. "No... Don't screw this up for me...", says the boy. "Screw what?" asks the driver. The boy uses his last remaining energy and says, "Perfect chance to escape tomorrow's exam, didn't study anyways....."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Outing @ Times Square~!! (Pt. 1, Lost??)

Since got so much to write break it down to few parts. K?

Yup, I got lost.... When? Just got there already habis. Why? Because of Starbucks Coffee. Everyone was suppose to meet there at the entrance to Times Square. 1st mistake, wrong entrance, took another entrance no where near the meeting place. 2nd mistake, there are 3 starbucks and I chose the wrong one. 3rd mistake, didn't bring phone(rosak....). I reach there at 11.46 a.m. I found Jack and Brandy at 1.30 p.m. So I was lost for a loooooooooooong time. And I haven't ate yet when I found Jack. So you can imagine me half dead..... Then wanted buy movie tickets for final destination but kena detected. Brandy didn't look 18 enough. In the end didn't even watch movie. Somemore waited a freaking long line for nothing.... T.T

Thursday, September 24, 2009



Yup, my parents wanna clean the whole house thanks to raya holidays(i blame u nadja...). Tuesday, woke up and found my parents and sis makaning breakfast. They had this drawing of the house and dunno draw here draw there. So, we're suppose to follow the plan la. Ate bread and milo(not enuf..) then started cleaning the whole damn house.
Me = Dust-wiper
Sis = Clean her stuff(wth??)
Bro = Clean his room(wtf??)
Mom = move stuff(no comment)
Dad = Arrange dude(huh??)
Skip the cleaning, halfway my sis found toy guns and started shooting me. What does this mean?? WAR~!!! Found another gun, no bullets....(note, bullet is not those small pebbles, it's those long ones u need to press it in) Wait for her to shoot then rampas her one. Muahahaha.... Now the score....

Me, hits = 6 miss = 3
Sis, hits = 10 miss =4

Why? Bcos of my sis small body she can shoot through windows and do sneak attacks. Unfair.... Stopped fooling around halfway when my sis found some kind of mini gameboy and started hiding behind the sofa playing. Everyone knew she was there.... Why? beep* beep* dadadada* ciuu* ciuu*. She didn't off the sound... So, in the end we did Malaysian House Makeover. Yay??

Thursday, August 6, 2009

G.I. Joe Review

G.I. Joe Review,

Watched it on Thursday, 6th August. Expected it to be a great movie and yeah, it was. If you tak tahu macam frog under a coconut shell, G.I. Joe is some kind of comic last time. So, since we got so much high tech crap around, people are making G.I. Joe movie lo. The storyline is awesome, got lots of surprises and action. Mostly G.I. Joe all futuristic so everyone has big guns that shoot all kinds of stuff. Also got planes, submarines, and more future shit la. The girl(Rachel Nichols) that acts as Scarlett(good one) is, of course hot la. Takkan they put Ugly Betty. The girl(Sienna Miller) that acts as Ana(bad one) oso very hot. Now the guys have a reason to watch lol. Got swordfights(for thos who watch AEC & TVB8), btw the two samurai guys very cool, good one doesn't even talk. So, all I have to say is watch it, it's worth your money and your time.

Rating: 5/5

Friday, July 24, 2009


Walau last week alot of things happen le. I don't mean all those useless things lyk sleep or chris. This week I got promotion wor. Now jadi assistant of accounts for koperasi. Woooo!!! Applause*(do it while you're reading this). Oso St. John start their fundraising aledi. This is what they sell,
1. Badge - 3.00(naik harga, last time 2.00 ringgit oni)
2. Bookmark - 1.00(boleh tahan la. Got info on it)
3. Bigger Bookmark - 1.00(this one very crappy. Lyk a devil baby in pampers. Very big)

Alot of us got forced to buy. I bought lyk 2 badges(one for jackie) and Cecilia bought 4. Btw, my badge is the cat one. So who to blame? Obviously Audrey la. She blackmail me last week b4 the fundraising started. T.T...... Eunice oso sama. Cai yi and Cecilia oso tag along. Hope no more money fly away.......

Monday, July 20, 2009



Well I went to school on monday and I realise all my school in my desk hilang. Why? I dunno. Why I dunno? Because I didn't come last Thursday and Friday. Why I nvr come? ponteng and sick. See how this connects?? Asked Dheenish what happened to my desk. At first tot Chris pulling out another joke as Phantom(tht's his other gelaran). Turns out Ms. Lee took all my books because, let's face it, have you seen my desk? It's loaded with shit and is messed up. So, She took my books on Thursday and kept in on Friday. Went to go get my books in bilik guru 3(yes, for those who don't know, tht's her room). Turns out she arranged all my books together and she said nxt time messy again she rampas. Ermm.... Rampas my books? How to study ah? In the end ambik balik lor. Weirdest day la.....